Advanced Programming With Sample Codings: 4 Books In 1- Arduino, C++, Powershell and Python Programming with Sample Designs and Codings

Technology makes the world go round and programmers are behind what keeps that going. Whether you’re a seasoned or newly-minted programmer, it never hurst to improve those skills and sharpen those coding knives.In Advanced Programming with Coding Samples , you will get to explore and deep dive into more advance programming topics and courses, but still presented in an easy-to-understand format. You will also find and learn a variety of sample designs and codings that will help you apply what you have learned on a real setting.In this book, you will find advanced courses and samples in the following programming languages: ArduinoC++PowershellPhytonWith a variety of topics and samples in each programming language such as:Required Components for a color Mixing lamp (Arduino)Inheritance in C++Try / Catch in PowershellCreating Games using PygameAnd much, much more, you will be well on your way to mastering coding in no time!So get your copy now, and learn advance programming the easy way!

Author: Zach Webber

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