Beginning Django: Web Application Development and Deployment with Python

Discover the Django web application development framework, views, middleware, templates, special Jinja templates and more. Furthermore, this book covers full-fledged Django Python-based application development, management, settings, static resources, logging, and email. Beginning Django also covers Django models, forms, REST services, user and session management and how to access, use and leverage the Django admin site. You'll also learn how to build real-time web and game applications with Django.  Lastly, you'll see how to deploy to production environments. After reading and using this book, you'll be able to build a Django application top to bottom and be ready to move on to more advanced or complex Django application development.What You'll LearnGet started with the Django framework Use Django views, URLs, middleware, templates and Jinja templates Take advantage of Django models, forms, REST services and moreBuild a Django web applicationCreate a Django real time web applicationDeploy a Django application Who This Book Is For Python developers new to the Django web application development framework and web developers new to Python and Django.

Author: Daniel Rubio

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