Beyond FizzBuzz: A Primer to Starting Your First Real Project

You've just finished an intro-to-programming tutorial and you're full of questions: What is a compiled language and what do you call a non-compiled language? When are different languages used, and what decisions go into picking a language? What is version control, and why should I use it? This practical book provides the answers you need by teaching you how to think about programming in the larger context of software engineering.New programmers are often left to stumble through as they put their new knowledge to practice. Each chapter in this unique guide includes a workbook section, with a companion iPython notebook where it makes sense. Targeted to those who want to do a significant amount of programming and become "real" programmers, this book will teach you how to communicate with other programmers, and help you improve your ability and understanding of the domain. Python is used as a "gateway language" for most code examples because it is highly readable.

Author: Erik Taubeneck

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