Python Database Books

Python Data Analysis – Second Edition

Key FeaturesFind, manipulate, and analyze your data using the Python 3.5 librariesPerform advanced, high performance linear algebra and mathematical calculations with clean and efficient Python codeAn easy-to-follow guide with realistic examples that are frequently used in real-world data analysis projectsBook DescriptionData analysis allows making sense of heaps of data. Python, with its strong set of libraries, is a …

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Learning Data Mining with Python – Second Edition

Key FeaturesLearn data mining in practical terms, using a wide variety of Python libraries and techniques.Learn how to find, manipulate, analyze and visualize data using Python.Step-by-step instructions on creating real-world applications of data mining techniques with PythonBook DescriptionThe next step in the information age is to gain insights from the deluge of data coming our way. Data mining …

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Python Programming in a Day and MYSQL Programming Professional Made Easy

Includes Python Programming In A Day and MYSQL Programming Professional Made Easy. Python What exactly is Python programming and is it really that complex? How is Python made so easy so the jargon is gone and you can have successful programming within a day? Want to know all about interactive mode with mathematical operations? Variables? Strings? Mr. Key …

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MongoEngine: Manipulando o MongoDB através do Python (Portuguese Edition)

Este Ebook visa ensinar ao usuário como utilizar o MongoDB através do MongoEngine.

A ideia para está publicação nasce da falta de conteúdo em Português (pt-br) e tem como objetivo ser um conteúdo de qualidade que possa gerar aprendizado e oferecer soluções.

Ao realizar a leitura deste Ebook você irá aprender:
– Instalar o Python no Windows, Linux e Mac OS.
– …

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Python for Everybody: Exploring Data in Python 3

Python for Everybody is designed to introduce students to programming and software development through the lens of exploring data. You can think of the Python programming language as your tool to solve data problems that are beyond the capability of a spreadsheet. Python is an easy to use and easy to learn programming language that …

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Python com MySQL: Python 3.5 (Portuguese Edition)

A ideia deste livro nasce da baixa quantidade de conteúdo no idioma português (pt-br) e visa permitir que o leitor tenha contato com a Linguagem Python e o banco de dados MySQL.

Não é necessário conhecimento prévio de programação com Python ou do próprio MySQL, visto que este E-book é praticamente um CookBook (os códigos estão prontos), porém o …

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MySQL Database Usage & Administration

Take your MySQL skills to the top tier Maximize every powerful feature available in MySQL 5.1 with hands-on instruction from a MySQL expert. This definitive guide shows you how to use MySQL’s advanced suite of data management tools, optimize performance and reliability, and secure and administer a robust RDBMS. MySQL Database Usage & Administration includes …

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Technical 5 in 1 Box Set: Book 1: Chromecast + Book 2: Linux for Beginners + Book 3: XML Programming + Book 4: PHP Programming + Book 5: Python Programming

Book 1 – Chromecast
Chromecast Easy Guide: Master Your Chromecast Device and Enjoy TV Entertainment With Low-Cost Media Streamer (Chromecast, Chromecast User Guide, Chromecast books, Chromecast Device)

As many may want to put it, the Google chromecast is a tiny but magical device offering so much. Am sure it is in your interest to find out what it is it …

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Magento: Beginner’s Guide – Second Edition

As a non-techie you might be a bit daunted at the thought of taking on an e-commerce system as powerful as Magento. But don’t be – our guide makes it all so accessible with its user-friendly, absolute-beginner approach. Install, configure, and manage your own e-commerce store Extend and customize your store to reflect your brand and personality …

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MySQL Cookbook

Along with MySQL’s popularity has come a flood of questions about solving specific problems, and that’s where this Cookbook is essential. Designed as a handy resource when you need quick solutions or techniques, the book offers dozens of short, focused pieces of code and hundreds of worked-out examples for programmers of all levels who don’t have the time …

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