Build your first website with Django 2.1: Master the basics of Django while building a fully-functioning website

Build your first website with Django 2.1 is the second edition of the popular Build your first website with Python and Django, fully updated for Django 2.1 Not only has the book been updated to cover the latest version of Django, but the content has been rewritten and expanded in key sections in response to feedback from purchasers of the first edition. Your complete introduction to Django 2 Build your first website with Django 2.1 covers all the core concepts of Django to get you up and running fast:Why Django is the premier Python framework for developing web applicationsThe big picture - how Django is structuredDjango ModelsDjango ViewsDjango TemplatesThe Django adminGeneric viewsSimple formsComplex forms and model formsManaging UsersRestricted contentFile uploadsSending emailDeploying a Django application Build a real website This book is not about boring theory. You'll be building a fully functioning website as you learn Django. I even show you how to deploy your website to the Internet for free.

Author: Nigel George

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