Building Serverless Python Web Services with Zappa: Quickly build and deploy serverless application on AWS using Zappa

Master serverless architecture in Python and its implementation, with Zappa on 3 different frameworksKey FeaturesBuild and deploy scalable serverless Python web services using Django, Flask and Pyramid.Learn Asynchronous task execution on AWS Lambda and scheduling using Zappa.Implementing Zappa in a Docker container.Book DescriptionServerless applications are becoming very popular these days, not just because they save developers of the trouble of managing the servers, but also because they benefit in several other ways like cutting heavy costs and improving overall performance of the application.This book will help you build serverless applications in a quick and efficient way. We begin with an introduction to AWS and API gateway the environment for serverless development and Zappa. We then look at building, testing and deploying them AWS with 3 different frameworks namely, Flask, Django and Pyramid. Setting up the custom domain along with SSL certificate and configuring with Zappa is also covered. Few advanced Zappa settings are also covered along with the securing of Zappa with AWS VPC.By the end of the book you will be well versed with 3 frameworks to build robust and cost efficient serverless apps in Python.What you will learnBuild, test and deploy a simple web service using AWS CLI.Integrate flask based python application, AWS-CLI configuration and Zappa.Design Rest APIs integrated with Zappa for Flask and Django .Create a project in Pyramid framework and configure it with Zappa.Generate SSL Certificate using Amazon Certificate Manager.Configure custom domain with AWS Route53.Create a Docker container similar to AWS lambda.Who This Book Is ForPython Developers who are interested in learning how to develop fast and highly scalable serverless applications in Python, will find this book useful.

Author: Abdul Wahid Abdul Haque

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