Coder Cole: Python: An Introduction to Programming

It’s coming, and it’s coming faster than you expect. Artificial intelligence, automation, the Internet of Things – these new technologies are going to significantly disrupt jobs and society as we know it. Coding truly is the new literacy, and the time to start is now. The Python programming language provides a comprehensive and useful introduction to computer science. Whether you’re a kid who wants to become a software engineer, join a corporate team, or enter any other career, this book is about teaching you some of the fundamental concepts of coding and problem solving. These concepts can then be applied to further applications of Python, other programming languages, or everyday problems. This book is an introduction to programming and some key computer science concepts. Although Python is used in this book for its friendly syntax and versatility, many of the concepts are applicable to other programming languages and the future of your computer science knowledge. The material covered should provide you with a basic frame work to either work on your own Python projects or go learn more about computer science.

Author: Cole Hersowitz

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