Coding with Python: An Introductory Guide for Beginners to Learn and Start Coding with Python

We live in a world that has quickly become digitalized. From how we communicate to the entertainment we seek, our lives have become integrated into the growing universe of codes and coding languages.Among these, Python stands out like a beacon of hope. Easy to learn and use, this book will provide you, our future programmer, everything you need to get started on this wonderful programming journey. We will cover everything from installing Python properly and installing a suitable editor, to learning about basic programming concepts that are used with all programming languages, like data types, arithmetic operations, and loops. You will also learn about functions and how to create abstractions in your code. Also, concepts like local versus global scopes, exception handling, and how to properly comment and document your code will be made a lot clearer. So what are you waiting for? Let us take your hand and walk you across the threshold into a world of programming like you’ve never seen before. You will definitely not regret it! Click the BUY NOW button!

Author: Christopher Wilkinson

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