Django Cookbook: Web Development with Django – Quick Start!

This book is an exploration of Django, a Python framework for web development. It begins by exploring the Admin interface for Django. You will learn how to use this to read data from a model and then provide a quick interface. To use the Django admin interface, there are some steps that you have to go through, which have been explored in detail. The various “model Admin” objects in Django have also been discussed in detail. You will also be shown how to write views in Django, which are good for displaying data to the user. Shortcut functions are useful for collection of classes and helper functions that span multiple levels of MVC. They are also good for introducing a form controlled coupling in a system, which are explored in this book. This book also explores models and databases, which are good for storage of data for an application. Template language is another topic that is covered in this book.: The following topics are discussed in this book: The Django Admin Interface Writing Views File Uploads Shortcut Functions Models and Databases Django Template Language

Author: Logan Barton

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