Django for Professionals: Production websites with Python & Django

Learn how to build production-ready websites with Python & Django.This book covers in-depth how professional Django programmers do their job and build real-world web applications. Topics covered include Docker, environment variables, payments, search, permissions, file/image uploads, testing, security, performance, and deployment.TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction Chapter 1: Docker *Chapter 2: PostgreSQL Chapter 3: Bookstore Project Chapter 4: Pages App Chapter 5: User Registration Chapter 6: Static Assets Chapter 7: Advanced User Registration Chapter 8: Environment Variables Chapter 9: Email Chapter 10: Books App Chapter 11: Reviews App Chapter 12: File/Image Uploads Chapter 13: Permissions Chapter 14: Orders with Stripe Chapter 15: Search Chapter 16: Performance Chapter 17: Security Chapter 18: Deployment Conclusion

Author: William S. Vincent

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