Easy micro:bit Projects

Learn the basics of using the micro:bit, an open source hardware ARM-based embedded system used to teach computer programming, to build a series of 10 different gadgets from scratch!You'll use the micro:bit to make:a scrolling name tag,animated LED displaysa high-tech compass.a handheld tilting game with a buzzer and saved high scorea carnival-like strength testera powered cooling fan helmetan electronic musical instrumenta security system that sends alerts to your computer when someone enters the room.a wheeled robotan alert to water your plantsYou will learn how simple electrical devices like speakers, motors, buzzers and fans work. You'll understand electronic components like resistors, force resistors, photoresistors, LEDs, and Op Amps, as well as Infrared distance sensors and soil moisture sensors. You'll also get a beginner's look at micropython, one of the fastest-growing computer languages. In this book you will combine multiple disciplines -- electronics, programming, and engineering -- to build a series of successful gadgets.Everything is explained with lots and lots of full-color line drawings. No prior experience is necessary. You'll have fun while you learn a ton!

Author: Eric Hagan

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