Hands-On Image Processing with Python: Perform high-scale image processing for advanced image analysis and effective interpretation of image datasets

Exploring mathematical computations and algorithms for solving image processing challenges with excellent python tools and frameworksKey FeaturesExplore advanced topics like pseudo coloring, noise smoothing and computing image descriptors with a unique set of datasets and examplesPractical coverage on every image processing task with popular python libraries - scikit-learn, TensorFlow, and KerasIllustrations of classical machine learning and deep learning models for complex image processing tasks with detailed codesBook DescriptionBeing able to process, extract information and understand an image quickly has become critical to many applications such as security, payment, healthcare, advertising, and so on. This is where this book comes in.The book will start with the basics and guide you to go to an advanced level by providing python reproducible implementations throughout the book. You will explore the never seen before, recent advances with deep learning and learn how to use the image processing libraries such as PIL, skimage, scipy in python. These will enable you to write code snippets in Python 3 and quickly implement complex image processing algorithms such as image enhancement, filtering, segmentation, object detection, classification etc. You will be able to use machine learning models using scikit-learn and later explore end-to-end deep learning models such as Vgg-19 with CNN. You will also learn a few advanced problems such as image quilting, anisotropic diffusion, Poisson image blending, and so on.By the end of this book, you will learn to implement various algorithms for efficient image processing.What you will learnGet to grips with image denoising, segmentation, classification and object detection for image processingPerform Image segmentation and image classification with deep learning modelsExplore the applications of Deep Learning in Image ProcessingLearn techniques to extract features from images and partition themWrite codes to classify image datasets Explore different machine learning techniques for image classification and object detection /recognitionWho This Book Is ForThis book is for Computer Vision Engineers, Image processing Engineers, Software Engineers, ML Engineers who are good with Python programming and wants to explore details and complexities of image processing.

Author: Sandipan Dey

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