Hands-On Software Engineering with Python: Developing real-world Software Engineering disciplines in the fastest-growing language in the world

Learn how to apply real-world Software Engineering disciplines by seeing them applied to a Python system, from fundamentals through high-end systems.Key FeaturesLearn what skills, technical and otherwise, are expected from Senior DevelopersUnderstand how the skills are applied to a realistically-scoped projectRelease the power of general and Python development best practicesBook DescriptionSoftware Engineering is about more than just writing code it includes a host of soft skills that apply to almost any development-effort, no matter the language, development-methodology or scope of the project. Being a Senior Developer all but requires awareness of how those skills, along with their expected technical counterparts, mesh together through a project s life-cycle.This book walks you through that discovery by walking through the entire life-cycle of a multi-tier system and its related software projects. You ll see what happens before any development takes place, and what impact the decisions and designs made at each step have on the development process. The development of the entire project, over the course of several iterations based on real-world Agile iterations, will be implemented, sometimes starting with nothing, in one of the fastest-growing languages in the world Python. The details of, and advantages behind a number industry best practices will show why they are best practices. Application of those practices in Python will be laid out, and some Python-specific capabilities that are often overlooked. Finally, the book will, from first principles to complete implementation, implement a High Performance Computing solution, and show the application of Metaprogramming concepts to the book s project.What you will learnLearn what happens over the course of a system s life (SDLC).Learn what to expect from the pre-development life-cycle steps.Find out how the development-specific phases of the SDLC affect development.Uncover what a real-world development process might be like, in an Agile way.Find out how to do more than just write the code.Learn project-independent best practices exist, and how to use them.Find out how to design and implement a High Performance Computing process.Learn what Metaprogramming is, can do, and what risks come with itWho This Book Is ForThis book is for existing developers who have basic understanding of Programming and Programming paradigms and would like to skill up as a Senior Programmer. Basic Python knowledge is assumed

Author: Brian Allbee

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