HBase Succinctly

Use HBase to improve your control of big data. In HBase Succinctly, author Elton Stoneman will detail what makes HBase different from other databases and teach you about its signature features. With this knowledge, you will be able to jump into big data management.HBase is a NoSQL database that can run on a single machine, or a cluster of servers for performance and fault-tolerance. It’s built for scale—HBase tables can store billions of rows and millions of columns—but unlike other big data technologies, which are batch-oriented, HBase provides data access in real-time.There are a few key concepts which make HBase different from other databases, and in this book we’ll learn all about row key structure, column families, and regions. But HBase uses the same fundamental concepts as other database designs, so it’s straightforward to pick it up.HBase is free, open-source software from the Apache Foundation. It’s a cross-platform technology so you can run it on Windows, Linux, or OS/X machines, and there are hosted HBase solutions in the cloud from both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. In this book we'll use the easiest option of all—running HBase in a Docker container.You can connect to HBase using many client options, as shown in Figure 1. The Java API is the first-class citizen, but with the Thrift and REST APIs, you can connect with practically any language and platform. We will cover all three APIs in this book, together with the command-line interface that ships with HBase.

Author: Elton Stoneman

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