Internet of Things Programming Projects: Build modern IoT solutions with the Raspberry Pi 3 and Python

A practical project-based guide to help you build and control your IoT projects with easeKey FeaturesLeverage the capability of IoT with the combination of Raspberry Pi 3 and PythonEnhance your IoT skill set by building complex but exciting Python-based applicationsDevelop basic electronics hands-on skills by building circuits working on the various IoT projectsBook DescriptionThe Internet Of Things promises to unlock the real world in a way that the internet unlocked millions of computers just a few decades ago.In this book we will unleash the power of Raspberry Pi and Python to create exciting Internet Of Things projects. The first part of the book introduces you to the amazing Raspberry Pi. You will learn to set it up and jump right into Python programming. Then you will start your foray into the real world computing by creating the “Hello World” app for physical computing, the flashing LED. Moving on, the first project takes you back to an age when analog needle meters ruled the world of data display. You will learn how to retrieve weather data from a web service and display it on an analog needle meter. You build a home security system using Raspberry Pi as web server to display it in the second project. The next project has a 21st century twist where we have our Raspberry Pi send a signal to a web service that will text us when someone is at the door. In the final project, you take what you've learnt from the previous two projects and create an IoT robot car that you can use to monitor what our pets are up to when you are away.By the end of this book, you will be well versed in almost every possible way to make your IoT projects standout.What you will learnUse a servo (actuator) motor as an analog needle meter to read weather data from a web serviceBuild a simple Home Security Dashboard using an infrared motion detector and a Raspberry Pi web serverCommunicate with a web service that sends you a text message whenever someone presses the doorbell.Receive data from the internet and displays it with an actuator connected to the Raspberry PiBuild an IoT Robot Car that is controlled through the internetWho This Book Is ForThis book is for Python developers and programmers who are interested in building their own IoT applications and IoT-based projects. It is also targeted at IoT Programmers and developers who are looking to build exciting projects with Python.About the AuthorColin Dow is the owner and chief engineer of Sigma Rockets and Aerospace Inc, a model aerospace business. He has enjoyed working with numerous educational facilities and hobbyists in delivering product sales, presentations and aerospace workshops over the years.Colin has extensive experience creating website content, educational documentation and instructional videos.He has been a programmer since early home computers caught his eye. He has worked as a software developer for some of Canada’s largest companies using technologies such as Python, Java, J2EE, PHP, Pearl, Ruby on Rails, Apache, SOAP web services, etc.

Author: Colin Dow

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