Introduction to Machine Learning: Use Python and scikit-learn to get up and running with the hottest developments in artificial intelligence

An introduction to the use of the scikit-learn package in the application of machine learning algorithms, as a way to optimize the programming process to focus our efforts into improving results.Key FeaturesAn introduction to the scikit-learn uniform API in order to understand its features and apply them into any type of modelUnderstanding the difference between supervised and unsupervised models, and how to use scikit-learn to develop the modelsLearn the usage of machine learning with real-world examples.Book DescriptionAs the use of machine learning algorithms grows popular for solving problems among several industries, so does the development of new tools for optimizing the process of programming such algorithms. This book aims to explain the scikit-learn API, which is a package created to facilitate the process of building machine learning applications. By the explanation of the difference between supervised and unsupervised models, as well as by the application of algorithms into real-life datasets, this course will help beginners to start programming machine learning algorithms.What you will learnUnderstanding the importance of data representation prior to choosing an algorithmThe use of scikit-learn API functions and featuresThe importance of data pre-processing and normalizationUnderstanding the difference between supervised and unsupervised modelsBuild some machine learning models from scratchLearn all the basic steps taken to understand and develop a machine learning projectWho This Book Is ForThis book is perfect for beginners to the field of machine learning. No prior knowledge in the use of scikit-learn or machine learning algorithms is required. The student must have prior knowledge and experience in Python programming.About the AuthorAfter graduating from college as a business administrator, Hyatt Saleh discovered the importance of data analysis for understanding and solving real-life problems. Since then, as a self-taught person, she has not only worked as a freelancer for many companies around the world in the field of machine learning, but also founded an artificial intelligence company that aims to optimize everyday processes.

Author: Hyatt Saleh

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