Learn Coding Basics in Hours with Python

We created this book for absolute beginners to train them in coding basics and the popular programming language: Python. Tired of huge boring coding books that don’t actually give you any real experience or expensive online tutorials that just leave you more confused than when you started? Here’s what this book has to offer: - You’ll be surprised how easy it is to read and learn from this book. - This is Python for ABSOLUTE beginners. No prior experience is necessary to start learning the essentials. - Carefully chosen examples that illustrate new concepts guide you effortlessly and concisely through each project. - The Best way to learn Python is by DOING it. By the end, you’ll feel that unmatched exhilaration of turning lines of code into a project that actually works! - Lastly, learn it fast! With this book you’ll get all the key concepts in an easily understood format and when you complete the last exercise, we know you’ll feel encouraged to learn more. - Works with PCs and MACs. Some of the topics included in this book: - Basic definitions & Python specific definitions. - The five key elements of programming. - Variables, Math, Boolean Logic. - How to Comment code and why. - Statements, strings, lists and tuples, functions, loops and dictionaries. - Many many examples and practical assignments. Get your book today!

Author: The Tech Academy

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