Learn Python  in 1 Day: Complete Python Guide with Examples

If you are one of them who easily get scared of Python’s long, complicated code, then this e-book is for you. Python is a powerful programming language used on various platforms like video streaming and file hosting services. Getting proficient in Python language means you are capable of creating scientific applications, data sciences or machine learning algorithm. The biggest advantage of Python is that it is a free language, and anyone can change, correct or improve the algorithm.If you want to learn Python real fast, this course can be helpful to you.  It extracted some complex concepts of Python and explained them into simple steps. The e-book made Python so simple that you can easily master the Python language even if you have never coded before. The e-book has covered various Python coding concepts like classes, objects, tuples, strings, and so on. The examples are chosen carefully to illustrate all the Python concepts in easy to understand for beginners. The book also links to the additional course, guidance and tutorials for further reference. Even kids can use this e-book as a Python dictionary, where they can quickly learn Python programming concepts.Table Of ContentChapter 1: Install PythonChapter 2: Creating Your First Python ProgramChapter 3: Python Main FunctionChapter 4: VariablesChapter 5: StringsChapter 6: TUPLEChapter 7: Python DictionaryChapter 8: OperatorsChapter 9: FunctionsChapter 10: IF StatementChapter 11: LoopsChapter 12: Class & ObjectsChapter 13: Regular ExpressionsChapter 14: Date, time and datetime classes in PythonChapter 15: CalendarChapter 16: Reading and Writing Files in PythonChapter 17: If File or Directory ExistsChapter 18: Python COPY FileChapter 19: Python Rename FileChapter 20: Python ZIP fileChapter 21: Accessing Internet Data with PythonChapter 22: Manipulating XML with PythonThe e-book has used screenshot and graphics explicitly for explaining code examples. With this Python crash course, you will discover that Python is not what that lengthy books, expensive online courses or complicated Python tutorial books have projected. After reading this Python book, you will not only gain knowledge but able to retain the knowledge for longer.

Author: Krishna Rungta

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