Learning Concurrency in Python

Key FeaturesBuild highly efficient, robust, and concurrent applicationsWork through practical examples that will help you address the challenges of writing concurrent codeImprove the overall speed of execution in multiprocessor and multicore systems and keep them highly availableBook DescriptionPython is a very high level, general purpose language, and also one of the most widely used languages. It offers diverse concurrency approaches, including the language itself and the third-party libraries.This book introduces the popular and useful libraries in-depth, briefly introduces specialized solutions, and shows you how to choose one. We cover the concurrency approaches and their techniques in Python, showing you why to use, how to use, when to use, and give you background knowledge.The book will guide you down the path to mastering Python concurrency, giving you all the necessary hardware and theoretical knowledge. Then we explore threading and multi-processing in Python. Next, you will learn about higher-level tools, event-driven programming, reactive programming, and more libraries. You will understand how to handle exceptions, benchmark, and debug code in a concurrent system.By the end of the book, you will have learned the techniques to write efficient Python code with concurrency.What you will learnExplore the concept of threading and multiprocessing in PythonUnderstand concurrency with threadsManage exceptions in child threadsHandle the hardest part in a concurrent system — shared resourcesBuild concurrent systems with Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP)Maintain all concurrent systems and master themApply reactive programming to build concurrent systemsUse GPU to solve specific problemsAbout the AuthorMosky Liu is Python Charmer at Pinkoi, working with her colleagues to build the best online marketplace for unique gifts. She has a love of Python and open source.She studied information management at NTUST, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. She has written code for more than twelve years, taught Python for countless hours, and spoken at PyCons, COSCUPs, TEDxNTUST in Taiwan, and PyCons in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Korea. She also has her own Python projects, such as Clime and MoSQL. You can find more about her at http://mosky.tw/.

Author: Mosky Liu

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