Machine Learning Algorithms & Markov Models Supervised And Unsupervised Learning with Python & Data Science  2 Manuscripts in 1 Book:

2 Books in 1 Do not miss out on the bundle book offer! 300+ pages of valuable content What You'll Learn Book 1 Machine Learning You will learn the fundamentals of machine learning from algorithms, python, supervised and unsupervised learning Concepts such as " decision trees " & "random forest introduction" are explained in detail and come with visual diagrams to assist in grasping the subject matter You will learn real world applications of machine learning,artificial intelligence and understand how it will effect humanity in the upcoming years The world is constantly changing and evolving, transportation was revolutionized by cars and planes, however, "machine learning" will revolutionize the world in which we live from simple day to day tasks to even the most complex endeavors Book 2 Markov Models In the segment of the bundle book you will learn the mathematics behind Markov Models algorithms, artificial intelligence, weather reporting, Bayesian inference, tools, solutions and much, much more! You will gain insights to the 3 main problems of Markov Models and learn how to overcome them. You will also learn about the real world applications, implications and theories of Markov Models This is an incredible offer you do not want to miss out on! This bundle book offer gives you so much value at an affordable price you won't find anywhere else What are you waiting for? Grab your copy now Note* For the best visual experience of diagrams it is highly recommended you purchases the paperback version of the bundle book offer

Author: William Sullivan

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