Machine Learning with Python: Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Machine Learning in Python with Exercises and Case Studies

There are different processes that are included within the meaning of the term “learning.” If you refer to a dictionary and look up the meaning of learning, then you will come across different phrases like “to gain knowledge, understanding of or skill, through study, experience or instruction,” and “the change in behavioral tendencies through experience.”If you look at it superficially, in respect to machines, it is safe to say that any change in the structure of the machine, the data stored in the memory or its data composition, in order to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of the machine’s performance is an undeniable sign of learning in a machine. When you start to delve deeper into this subject, only a couple of these changes can be categorized as machine learning.In this book, you will learn about machine learning using Python. The information given in each of the chapters will improve your understanding of machine learning programming using Python. The sample codes along with the case studies will enable you to test your knowledge.So get started with your knowledge of Machine Learning with Python with this book!

Author: Paige Jacobs

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