Mapping with ArcGIS Pro

Key FeaturesBuild visually stunning and useful maps;Understand the cartographic workflows and the decisions you must take before creating the map;Learn to create appropriate map elements, and layout designsBook DescriptionArcGIS is a geographic information system for working with maps and geographic information. Mapping with ArcGIS Pro will help readers create visually stunning maps that increase the legibility of the stories being mapped and introduce visual and design concepts into a traditionally scientific, data-driven process.The book begins by outlining the steps of gathering data from authoritative sources and lays out the workflow of creating a great map. Once the plan is in place you will learn to organize the Table of Contents in ArcGIS Pro and identify the steps involved in streamlining the production process. Then you will learn Cartographic Design techniques using ArcGIS Pro’s feature set to organize the page structure, typographic principles and create a custom set of color swatches. You will be then exposed to the techniques required to shape your data in specific size and scale required for our map. The later chapters of the book deep dives into some advanced topics where you will understand the various projection systems, trade offs between them and create your own icons with a consistent design. Finally, you will also be introduced to Smart Mapping, a new capability of ArcGIS that will help you to make maps that are visually stunning and useful.After reading this book, you will feel more confident in making appropriate cartographic decisions that move beyond the default suggestions of the software.What you will learnUsing ArcGIS Pro create visually stunning maps and make confident cartographic decisionsLeverage precise layout grids that will organize and guide the placement of map elementsMake appropriate decisions about colorCritically evaluate and choose the perfect projection for your dataCreate clear webmaps that focus the reader’s attention using ArcGIS Online’s Smart Mapping capabilities

Author: Amy Rock

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