Matplotlib 2.x Cookbook: Over 100 recipes to create highly detailed interactive visualizations in Python

Build attractive, insightful and powerful visualizations to derive quality insights from your dataKey FeaturesA complete guide to mastering matplotlib 2.x for effective data visualizationCustomize basic plots to make sophisticated figures and deploy them in end-user applicationsHandy recipes to help you design different kinds of data visualizations using matplotlib - from simple bar charts to advanced 3D plotsBook DescriptionMatplotlib provides a large library of customizable plots and a comprehensive set of backends. You can generate plots, add dimensions to them, and also make the plots interactive with just a few lines of code. This book is a head-first, hands-on journey into Matplotlib, the complete and definite plotting package for Python 3.7.With the help of this cookbook, you will be able to tackle any problem you might come across while designing attractive, insightful data visualizations using matplotlib. You will learn to develop different types of visualizations such as histograms, charts, bar plots and more to produce high-quality figures. You will be able to build sophisticated figures including 2D and 3D plots in just a few lines of code. Along with the basic plots, you will also learn to make professional scientific plots with highly detailed visualizations with an extensive recipe-based approach. With the help of this book, you will be able to make your plots interactive, which will give real-time insights and the information required to carry out advanced data analysis.By the end of this book, you will be able to create the highest quality customized plots and deploy them in web applications, many supported GUI applications such as GTK3, Qt5, WxPython and cloud environments by implementing real-world use cases and examples.What you will learnDevelop simple to advanced data visualizations in matplotlibUse pyplot API for quick development and deployment of different plots and chartsUse Object Oriented API for maximum flexibility to customize your figures as requiredDevelop Interactive Plots with animation and widgets easilyUse maps for geographical plottingEnrich your visualizations using Embedded Texts and Mathematical ExpressionsEmbed matplotlib plots into other graphical user interfaces used for developing applicationsUse toolkits such as axisartist, axes_grid1, cartopy extending base functionality of matplotlibWho This Book Is ForThis book is for data analysts, data scientists, and Python Developers who are looking for quick recipes for a multitude of visualizations using Python. This book is ideal for those who want to build variations of interactive visualizations using the recipe-based approach.About the AuthorSrinivasa Rao Poladi has been in the IT Services Industry for over two decades, providing consulting and implementation services in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning areas extensively for global customers. He has played key leadership roles in building large technology practices and growing business. He is currently pursuing academic and entrepreneurial interests in Artificial Intelligence

Author: Srinivasa Rao Poladi

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