Modern Python Cookbook

Key FeaturesThis book will help you develop succinct, expressive programsWe’ll explain the best practices and common idioms through carefully explained and structured recipesThere will be a take away for all Python developersBook DescriptionPython isthe preferred choice of developers, engineers, data scientists, and hobbyists. It is a great scripting language that can power your applications and provide great speed, safety, and scalability. By exposing Python as a series of simple recipes, you can gain insight into specific language features in a particular context. Having a tangible context helps make the language or standard library feature easier to understand.This book comes with over 100 recipes on the latest version of Python. The recipes will benefit everyone ranging from beginner to an expert. The book is broken down into 13 chapters that build from simple language concepts to more complex applications of the language.The recipes will touch upon all the necessary Python concepts related to data structures, OOP, functional programming, as well as statistical programming. You will get acquainted with the nuances of Python syntax and how to effectively use the advantages that it offers. You will end the book equipped with the knowledge of testing, web services, and configuration and application integration tips and tricks.The recipes take a problem-solution approach to resolve issues commonly faced by Python programmers across the globe. You will be armed with the knowledge of creating applications with flexible logging, powerful configuration, and command-line options, automated unit tests, and good documentation.What you will learnSee the intricate details of the Python syntax and how to use it to your advantageImprove your code readability through functions in PythonManipulate data effectively using built-in data structuresGet acquainted with advanced programming techniques in PythonEquip yourself with functional and statistical programming featuresWrite proper tests to be sure a program works as advertisedIntegrate application software using PythonAbout the AuthorSteven F. Lott has been programming since the 70s, when computers were large, expensive, and rare. As a contract software developer and architect, he has worked on hundreds of projects from very small to very large. He's been using Python to solve business problems for over 10 years.He’s currently leveraging Python to implement microservices and ETL pipelines. His other titles with Packt include Python Essentials, Mastering Object-Oriented Python, Functional Python Programming, and Python for Secret Agents.Steven is currently a technomad who lives in various places on the east coast of the U.S. His technology blog is: and his LinkedIn address is

Author: Steven F. Lott

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