Neural Network Programming with Python: Create your own neural network!

This book is a guide on how to implement a neural network in the Python programming language. It begins by giving you a brief overview of neural networks so as to know what they are, where they are used, and how they are implemented. The next step is an exploration of the backpropagation algorithm. This is the algorithm behind the functionality of neural networks, and it involves a forward and backward pass. Numby is a Python library which can be used for the purpose of implementation of a neural network. This library is discussed in this book, and you are guided on how to use it for that purpose. The functionality of neural networks has to be improved. The various ways to improve how a neural network works is also explored. You are then guided on how to implement neural networks with Neupy, another Python library.The following topics are discussed in this book:- A Brief Overview of Neural Networks- Backpropagation Algorithm- Neural Networks with Numpy- Improving a Neural Network in Python- Neupy - Models in Neural Networks

Author: Max Sharp

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