Practical Django 2 and Channels 2: Building Projects and Applications with Real-Time Capabilities

Learn how to rapidly build your own site by leveraging Django’s battle-tested components. This book explains Django’s features and conventions to help you develop modern web applications quickly. You'll adopt a "learn by doing" approach and gain a deeper understanding of Django by working through a project in which the real-time component will be critical. The book starts with the setup of a sample e-commerce site “BookTime.” Every chapter will help you build its features in order of increasing complexity. You will be introduced to all the standard tools of Django: views, templates, models, signals, management commands, and much more. You will also see how Django fits in the bigger world of software development, how to integrate Javascript build tools, how to perform automated testing at any level, how to build API integrations, and how to support the BookTime mobile app. Practical Django 2 and Channels 2 breaks down the concepts needed to create complex, database-driven websites as easily as possible.What You'll LearnBuild and deploy a simple company site with DjangoDevelop more complex, data-heavy sites using the Django ORMIntegrate Django with ChannelsUnit-test your solutionsWho This Book Is ForPython developers and web developers wanting to learn Django 2 and Channels 2

Author: Federico Marani

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