Programming the micro:bit: Getting Started with MicroPython

Quickly learn to program the micro:bit--no experience necessary!This easy-to-follow guide shows, step-by-step, how to write interesting MicroPython programs for the micro:bit computer. Written in the clear, easy-to-follow style that Dr. Simon Monk is famous for, the book enables you to write programs that will bring your digital ideas, games, and apps to life.Aimed at electronics novices, Programming the micro:bit: Getting Started with MicroPython features a simple example project that starts with the most basic programming concepts and gradually progresses to more advanced techniques. You will discover how to use the micro:bit's built-in hardware, work with the LED display, accept input from sensors, attach external electronics, and use wireless features.•Suitable for hobbyists with little to no electronics or programming experience•Features a start-to-finish project that illustrates important concepts•Written by an electronics expert and experienced author

Author: Simon Monk Dr

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