Python: 2 Books in 1: Beginners Guide and Advanced Techniques (Python Crash Course, Python Programming, Python Beginners) (Volume 2)

Go From Beginner to Intermediate Level with This Comprehensive Programming Guide! Python can land you a lucrative job in numerous companies and dramatically increase your salary and earning potential. As you navigate these chapters, you will acquire the knowledge base necessary to start using Python as if you knew it well from the very beginning. With this 2 book bundle, we will provide you with critical tools no matter what your Python level may have been when you first purchased our book. If you're a complete newbie then great! The first book in the bundle- our comprehensive beginners guide- is exactly what you need to get started and more importantly, get started off on the right foot. We will help you avoid the mistakes that most rookies and beginners typically fall prey to. But if you're already past the beginners level and have some exposure to Python, then this bundle will provide you with value as well. Book 2 provides tips, tricks, and additional information to get you to sail past the Beginners Level and well on your way to Intermediate level Python Programmer status. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Discover... Python variablesThe syntax of PythonCoding examples of exactly how your code should appear when executing a particular moduleStrategies for using PythonUsing Python for MathMistakes Python users typically make and how to avoid themString formattingListsTuplesAdvanced Tips and Tricks For Python UtilizationCommon mistakes frequently made with PythonPython Functions and ModulesLists and Tuples

Author: Mark Anderson

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