Python 3 tutorial for beginners: An Introduction to Python Programming (python 3 programming series Book 1)

★☆★ Python 3 tutorial★☆★Python 3 tutorial is designed for beginners who want to start learning programming from no prior experience to programming. Exercise are used throughout this book to get you thinking and writing code like a true programmer.Starts with Introduction  To ProgrammingIt start with introduction to python programming from very basics questions like what is programming and programming language. This book on python for beginners is written in easy to understand simple English language. it covers latest python 3 programming.Why Python 3Python 3 is one of the most in demand and easy to learn programming language .This makes large number of universities to teach python as student’s first programming language.As python is high level programming language it is easier to learn and read. Python programming language became popular because of it’s simple and easy to read syntax.Python is open source programming language and free to use.Python has large community and support that means any problem you encounter will already be solve by others.What you will learn in this Python programming book Introduction To Programming Variables Comments Strings Data Types Operators Boolean logic Conditional Statements Data Structures Loops FunctionsClick on the Buy Now button above and get started today!

Author: Vishal Singh

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