Python: An Easy-To-Follow Guide for Absolute Beginners

Fellow aspiring programmer, This is an easy-to-follow guide on how to learn Python for absolute beginners! My name is Arthur and I have more than 10 years of experience programming in Python. I worked as a Senior Developer for Google and I now run my own Network Security Consulting Business in the heart of London. Programming is my passion. My mission with this book is to make programming your passion too! Why Python? I'll be quick and precise just how Python is itself! 1. Python is an easy language to learn for first time programmers. Simple syntax. Easy to grasp. 2. It's the most marketable language at the moment. Want a high salary? Learn Python (Average salary for Python programmers - $110K/year). 3. Wanna work for startups? Python is the way! The reason is that it shortens the way from idea to implementation. Startups have to be quick in implementing new ideas. 4. Wanna get into web application development? Python again is the way. 5. Python is the ideal language for those who want to master computer security. 6. What's hot in Computer Science at the moment? Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning! Correct! Check the job offers in the AI field and you'll see that Python is the dominant language! Python is really popular. More importantly, it's getting more popular every year. Over the last year its popularity increased more than any other language's! Get your hands on a straightforward guide that will walk you through step-by-step on how to master Python. In this book you'll get all that you need. For example: - Step-by-step Installation Guide - Simple operations - Python lingo - important terms - Syntax tips - Control Statements - Loops - Comparison statements I'm happy that my mentor 10 years ago shifted my attention to Python. Now it's my turn to show you the way. Happy Python folks! Arthur

Author: Arthur Keane

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