Python Anti-Patterns

Welcome, fellow Pythoneer! This is a small book of Python anti-patterns and worst practices.Learning about these anti-patterns will help you to avoid them in your own code and make you a better programmer (hopefully). Each pattern comes with a small description, examples and possible solutions.This book contains anti- and migrations pattern for Python and for popular Python frameworks, such as Django. We categorized the patterns as follows:Correctness: Anti-patterns that will literally break your code or make it do the wrong things.Maintainability: Anti-patterns that will make your code hard to maintain or extend.Readability: Anti-patterns that will make your code hard to read or understand.Performance: Anti-patterns that will unnecessarily slow your code down.Security: Anti-patterns that will pose a security risk to your program.Migration: Patterns that help you migrate faster to new versions of a framework

Author: Quantified Code

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