Python Automation Cookbook: Explore the exciting world of automation through engaging recipes that will enhance your skills

This book will make your automating journey simpler by providing comprehensive recipes to solve monotonous tasks.Key FeaturesPut all the boring stuff on auto-pilot using Python programming,Search and scrape the web and download online content in a jiffy,Automate integral business processes like payroll, email marketing, and lead generationBook DescriptionHave you been doing the same old monotonous 'office work' over and over again? Or have you been trying to find an easy way out to make your life better by automating some of your repetitive tasks? Look no further, you've come to the right place!Through a tried and tested problem-solution-based approach, we'll show how you can automate all the boring stuff and let your computer do it for you instead, using the Python programming language. This book will help you develop a clear understanding of how to automate your business processes using Python, including detecting opportunities by scraping the web, analyze information to generate automatic spreadsheets reports with graphs, and communicate with automatically generated emails. You will gain knowledge of how to get notifications over text messages and run tasks while your mind is focused on other important activities. Moving ahead, you will understand how to scan documents such as Resumes. You will be introduced to the world of graphs and how to produce beautiful charts using matplotlib and gain an in-depth understanding of how to generate rich graphics showing relevant information.Finally, you will refine your skills by gaining a sound understanding of identifying problems and correcting them to produce superior and reliable systems.What you will learnBecome skilled at scraping a website to detect changes and be notified about them.Understand how to search and process raw sale files to aggregate information in structured spreadsheets.Gain comprehensive knowledge on how to extract information from an Excel Spreadsheet. Explore the world of generating reports with graphs.Discover the techniques required to generate random print-friendly codes to be used as single-use coupons.Who This Book Is ForThis book is for Developers and Non-developers that want to automate monotonous manual tasks related to fields like Finance, Sales, HR, etc.

Author: Jaime Buelta

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