Python: Crash Course – The Ultimate Beginner’s Course to Learning Python Programming in Under 12 Hours

Are You Ready to Learn Python Programming FASTER Than You Ever Thought Possible? Welcome to the Ultimate Crash Course on Python! Are you ready to unlock the keys to the future? If your answer is a resounding 'YES!', then this crash course on Python Programming is exactly what you need in your toolkit. In these days of the 3.0 era, there are essential tools that we must absolutely have at hand to solve everyday problems. And guess what? One of these skills consists of... how to use programming languages. Perhaps you are an amateur just getting started with Python, or maybe you already know a few things about this exciting programming language and you'd like to reach for the next level. Which one are you? Actually, it doesn't matter! This course will approach Python Programming from both starting points! The aim is to achieve all the necessary skills to learn how to program Python in under 12 hours. This is not a mere theoretical book. In here, you'll find tons of useful exercises and tasks that will take your Python skills to a whole new level. You'll experience in first person how simple and entertaining Python can be! This book will assist you not only to develop and improve your skills, but most importantly, it will help you unlock the joy learning a new programming language can unexpectedly bring. You can be sure of that! The idea we're proposing is quite simple. You will learn Python from zero to hero, in less than half a day. We will go from the root to the top of this ground-breaking programming language, and from there we'll build the solid foundations you are looking for. And at the end you will find a special bonus! Here Is a Preview of What You'll Learn Inside... • History of Python • What is Python? • Installation of Python • Python Language Structure, Variables and Operators • User Input and Strings in Python • Boolean Logic , Loops, Tuples, and Dictionaries • Functions/Methods, Classes • Debugging, Exception Handling, Threading, Web Crawlers • Much, much more! What are you waiting for? See you inside, Eprogramy

Author: Eprogramy

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