Python for Beginners: 2 Manuscripts – How you can make money online as a freelance developer and programmer, even if you have zero experience

The proven, step by step way to earn money online as a freelance Python developer… So you’ve read the books… You’ve learned to code… And now you want to trade your skills for money. But where to start? I’m sure you’ve heard all the freelancing horror stories… Long hours, low pay, bad clients. What if I told you - it doesn’t have to be that way It doesn’t have to be all low paid jobs which barely cover the rent checks It doesn’t have to be hours spent chasing clients. You can get the clients to come to you It’s completely possible to earn over $100 an hour as a freelancer, even if no one’s heard of you. Giving you the freedom to make money from anywhere! In Python for Beginners: You’ll discover: How to leverage your profile so clients to come to you, rather than spending time looking for jobs How to get 50-100x more profile views than the average Upwork freelancer How to write job proposals that get you chosen ahead of 50 other candidates How to spot bad clients and avoid wasting your time bidding on their jobs The hidden advantage of being "Top Rated" that Upwork doesn't tell you about How to turn an initial $220 job into $9,000 worth of recurring work And much, much more… So if you want to begin a lucrative freelancing career, or just make some extra cash on the side doing what you love. Click “Order now” to begin making money with Python!

Author: James Oliver

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