Python For Beginners: Learn Python Programming Easily

Python For BeginnersLearn Python Programming EasilyWant to become a good Python programmer quickly?This book aims to make sure that you fully understand what you're getting into in terms of programming, as well as making certain that you get the logic behind everything that you're doing. Python is an extremely useful language for you to learn, and it’s also pretty easy. The handy thing, too, is that Python is similar enough to a lot of different languages that when you learn Python the right way, you aren’t just learning Python - you’re actually learning a variety of programming concepts that you can then apply to a huge number of different languages that you may choose to study.This book contains: How to set up PythonHow to work with VariablesHow to control Flow and lists, File Input/OutputAn overview of the concept of MethodsThe explanation of the concept of Object-oriented programmingA step by step tutorial for a beginner projectAnd much much more...Get Your Copy today!

Author: Kevin Spencer

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