Python for the Beginners: Learn Python in Simple Steps. For absolute beginners, Kids, ICT, KS3, GCSE, A-Level, Under Graduate, SAT & IT Enthusiasts.

Most of the people use Python as the first language to learn programming. There are many reasons for it – it is free open source and also very easy to understand. Being object oriented, it can also help in the advanced learning. We are going to learn about Python in this book. The book is for the absolute beginners. It is well laid out which explains all the fundamentals about Python language in easy to understand language and with loads of examples. We hope and wish that you enjoyed reading this book. Table of Contents: Chapter 1: What is Programming? Chapter 2: Getting Started with Python Chapter 3: Handling Input and Output Chapter 4: Finding Errors in your Program Chapter 5: Using Mathematical Operators Chapter 6: Comparison and Logical Operators Chapter 7: Iterations/Looping in Python Chapter 8: Functions in Python Chapter 9: File Handling Chapter 10: Error Handling Chapter 11: References for Future Study _________________________________

Author: Brajendra Singh

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