Python: Fundamental Hints and Tips to Kick Start Your Python Skills

Python: Fundamental hints and tips to kick start your Python skills In the world of computer programming there is a fun programming language that is popular in many of the things that we use today. Its name is Python. And if you are considering learning this programming language, then this is a book you can’t afford to miss! In my newest book, Python: Fundamental hints and tips to kick start your Python skills, I will put you in line with any other seasoned programmer. I will show you the ins and outs of Python, take you through your first program, and then give you hints and tricks to keep you ahead of the game. The goal is to give you enough knowledge to start you off writing your own programs with ease in no time at all. In this book we will discuss: • The Definition of Python • How to enter code into Python • The different Python functions • Your first Program • How to handle Error codes and Exceptions • 10 Special tips and tricks you can implement today And much More! I intend for this book to take you by the hand and be a solid reference for you not only now but also for in the future. Python is named for the comedy group Monty Python and is meant for you to enjoy to its fullest. As much as I enjoyed writing this book for you.

Author: John McMurphy

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