Python: Learn Python (Advanced): In 7 Days and Ace It Well

Python: Learn Python (Advanced) in 7 Days and Ace It Well No BS! No nonsense! Straight to the point! Level up your Python programming skills and no more overtime! Have you ever wonder why your colleagues are coding faster than you? Do they know some tricks and hacks that you don't with Python? What if this book is going to reveal the latest features and neat tricks that are going to make your programming better and faster? Imagine, no more working late nights or debugging messy code. Learning and improving your Python skills (your career asset) will open opportunities with many companies requiring their engineers, programmers, consultants, and developers with Python backgrounds to automate their systems. What you will learn in this book: You will learn how to be an advanced Python specialist You will get to learn all about iterators, generators, descriptors, and much more You will explore all the important features that Python offers for advanced programmers You will understand and learn how to use Python's powerful data analysis libraries that are making Python bypass R. Bonus #1: Fun challenges litter the chapters for you to learn coding with Python, develop your Python skills, and gain confidence! Bonus #2: Extensive compilation of resources, links, and tutorials to enhance your Python skills And many more. Python: Learn Python (Advanced) in 7 Days and Ace It Well is your advanced guide to master and ace Python programming.

Author: Ronald Olsen

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