Python: Learn Python in 2 hours

Welcome Future Coder! Are You Ready To Learn And Start Programming With Python In 2 Hours? Python is a high-level programming language that is interpreted, not compiled! Besides this, it is an object-oriented programming language that supports interaction between the developer and interpreter used for interpreting Python code. This programming language is known to have been created between 1985-1990. Guido van Rossum is credited for this development. Just like Perl programming language, the source code for Python is available under GNU General Public License (GPL). This book is a beginner’s guide to learning Python and shall help you create the right foundation for learning advanced Python programming. Moreover, this book has been designed keeping the requirements of beginners with no Python background in mind. Therefore, you can start right away and learn Python from scratch, with the help of this book. Learn, practice, and enjoy your new acquired skills! Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn… Overview Of Python Basic Syntax Variables Operators Decision making Loops Much, much more! Download your copy today

Author: Cooper Alvin

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