Python: Learn Python Programming in One Week with Step-by-Step Tutorials

Python: Learn Python Programming in One Week with Step-by-Step Tutorials So you’re wanting to learn Python, and you’re wanting to find the absolute best book on the market for doing just that. I’ve got good news for you: you’ve probably just found it. In just one week, you’ll go from somebody who has never touched programming before to somebody who’s very adept at programming in Python. Over the course of this book, we’ll cover such important topics as: - What variables and values are and how you can use them in order to store and manipulate data - How to import and export files (and get the data that you need from them) - Using logic to your advantage in order to make your program have a mind of its own Giving yourself one week (or maybe even less), you’ll become well-versed in Python, and by the end, you’ll not only be feeling like a programmer, but thinking like one too. This book gives you an intricate look at the way Python concepts work in the context of a computer that seemingly speaks only mathematics, helping you form the mental bridge between the rough-and-tumble ones and zeroes of computing and the layman explanations that will make hard computer science concepts approachable to anybody. Tags: Python, Python course, Python book, learning Python, Python language, Python examples, Python tutorials, Python programming language, Python coding, Python programming for beginners, Python for Dummies

Author: Dr. Michael Lombard

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