Python Mastery: A Code Like a Pro Guide for Python Beginners

Become a proficient and fluent programmer with clear and succinct examples. So what are you waiting for start today and you will be able to “CODE LIKE A PRO” in no time. Do you want to become fluent in learning the skill of programming? Do you have very little to no experience in programming but looking for a language that you can pick up fast to start your journey in computer programming? Python is the program that will help you achieve your desire to learn a relevant and marketable programming language. Whether you wish to learn it for fun or for skills to develop in a future career in programming. Are you aware that popular websites such as Youtube, Dropbox, Survey monkey, Google, bitly and yahoo maps were all programmed using Python, Amazing right? Now at a click of a button you can access in this book the same knowledge that established programmers use to program these popular sites. Python is a high-leveled, very useful and all-purpose programming language tool, named after a large, heavy-bodied, non-poisonous constrictor snake. Python is freely available and makes finding the solution to a computer problem just as simple as if you had written out your thoughts on how to find the solution.

Author: Jonathan Bates

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