Python Programming: An In-Depth Guide Into The Essentials Of Python Programming

Become a Python Programming Expert With Ease! What if you had access to a python guide that literally takes you step by step through every essential process of learning the python language? Imagine you have a world of opportunity going in to the future. Learning programming is one of the best decisions you can make at this point in time. It’s better to step in now before it’s too late. The Code Academy is here to help you achieve your programming goals. With more than a decade of experience we teach people from all ages and cultures the ins and outs of computer programming. In an ever changing world, now is the time to learn skills that will set you up for the future. We will take you step by step through every phase. We will give you exercises so you can test your newly learned skills. We will make you a Programming Expert! In this book, you’ll learn: - How to setup your python environment (like the pro’s) - Learn the Python Basic Syntax Rules, Variables and Values - How to become a “smooth operator” with the basic operators in Python - How to use Python Data Types - 60+ exercises throughout the book to get you from Grasshopper to instant Jedi in no-time - BONUS: Get all the exercises in the book in Python Files for easy experimenting Buy this book now to become a python programming expert with ease! Do your future-self a favor buy this guide NOW at the top of this page and get going already!

Author: The Code Academy

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