Python Programming : Answers all your Questions Step-by-Step

WHY I WROTE THIS BOOK?I wrote this book for people who want to learn Python Programming, but cannot bring themselves to do so for two obvious reasons. Firstly, they fear the effort that goes into learning a new programming language. Secondly, even if they begin attempting to learn Python, the books available on Python Programming are too complicated to understand and learn, for beginners.I have adapted the question and answer approach to write this book. Wherein, the knowledge and content transfer to the reader will happen through the method of question and answer. I guess this is the most effective way in which learning happens for beginners. Moreover, the Question and Answer method is not a novel idea but was developed by the famous philosopher Socrates and is also known as the “Socratic Method of teaching”.This book is a learner friendly, question and answer guide, that helps you step-by-step in your effort to learn the fastest growing programming language – Python Programming Language.WHY YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK?This book can help you answer the following questions:1.What is the basic history of Python Programming? 2.Why is Python Programming gaining popularity in the present day?3.Will Python Programming stay around for some time to come?4.What are the uses and features of Python Programming?5.How to install Python Interpreter?6.How to write your first program in Python and execute it?7.How to program using the data types, methods and Operators of Python?8.How to program using the Conditional and Iteration constructs?9.What is the method in which Python implements modules?10.How to begin using Python to program like a pro?THIS BOOK IS BEST SUITED FOR:1. This Python Programming book is Best for Beginners:Anyone who wants to learn Python Programming for the first time. This book will help persons even with no previous exposure to any other programming language such as C or Java.2. This Python Programming book is Best also for students: Schools and colleges world over are introducing Python Programming as part of their curriculum. This book can be used by students to learning Python Programming step-by-step. It will also help then in their exams with ready-made set of question and answers.3. This Python Programming book is Best for candidates preparing for interviews related to programming: Since, it is in the form of question and answers. The candidate will have a short and crisp answer to be ready with. Even though if a candidate has read an exhaustive 500 page Python book, "The Python Programming: Answers all your Questions Step-by-Step" will help the candidate revise and be ready with to-the-point answers.

Author: Ryshith Doyle

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