Python Programming: Become an Expert at Python Today with Step by Step Instructions for Beginners

Take the first steps to becoming an expert in Python and claim yourBonus Chapter on Handling Exceptions; on sale now at a DISCOUNTEDprice for a limited time only! Become fluent fast with easy to understand examples and graphics to learn the programming skills you need to start using python in your life by tomorrow! Did you know websites like YouTube and Dropbox use Python in their source code? Python is a vast language which is easy to understand and apply. You can develop almost anything using Python. Most of the operating systems (Mac, Linux, UNIX, etc.) other than windows have python installed by default. It is an open source and free language. In this book, you're going to learn this awesome code language and apply it in real life. There are no type declaration of methods, parameters, functions or variables (like in other languages) in Python which makes its code short and simple. As mentioned earlier, this language can be used in everything, whether you want to build a website, a game or a search engine. The main advantage of using Python is that you do not have to run compiler explicitly, it is purely interpreted language like Perl or Shell. Take the time to better yourself and buy this book! Read Now for Free using Amazon's Kindle Cloud Reader Here’s what you can expect to find in this book… Introduction to Python Programming Language Installation and Environment Setup Syntax used in Python Variable Types Operators Loops Decision Making Python in-Built Strings and Numbers Functions Use of Lists Use of Tuples Use of Dictionary Date and Time Function Use of Functions Use of Modules File I/O functions Exceptions Handling Classes and Objects Fitting All the Pieces Together And Much More! Here's what customers thought.. This book is well written for beginners explaining concepts in plain language where others defer to technical jargon too early. I'm an experienced programmer new to Python and finally, I have an introduction that is helping me become a more "real" Python programmer. Though I don't need to start from the beginning, it's useful to have the slate clean, as opposed to jumping into the middle with more advanced books. Writing style of this book is easy to read and explanations are generally clear. Very valuable book -Blue Tulsi I am still a beginner to it and want to be a master in it. This is a comprehensive book on Python programming. This book has been written in a simple way. The author has added tables, graphs and images and complete formulas to make its reader understand everything more efficiently. I have got many things from this book and still a lot to come from it. I highly recommend this book to everyone. -Slater Jim Don't Wait! Scroll up and click the Buy button to take the stepstowards becoming an Expert at Python and get this book on sale now for alimited time!

Author: Nick Goddard

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