Python Programming Blueprints

Key FeaturesLearn to write code and deliver scalable and high-performing applicationsDive into various intricacies of Python language, the great ecosystem of Python frameworks, and libraries through projects that you will build with this bookThis comprehensive guide will help you demonstrate the power of Python by building practical projectsBook DescriptionPython is a very powerful high-level, object-oriented programming language. It has swiftly developed over the years to become the language of choice for software developers due to its simplicity.Python Programming Blueprints will help you build useful, real-world applications in the Python programming language. It covers a number of distinctive Python projects, and follows the development of each of them in a concise, practical manner.This book will teach you how to build applications in Python easily and efficiently. It closely follows and explains every aspect of software development, from high-level architecture and the decision-making process to deploying the code to a production server.It covers some of the most common tasks that Python developers face on a daily basis, including performance optimization, implementing anti-spam features, and making web applications more secure. From getting you familiarized with the associated software stack through to getting you acquainted with the asynchronous features in Python, this book will enhance your skills as a Python programmer and allow you to comfortably use them in your own projects.What you will learnBuild real-world web applications in Python from scratchFind out how to utilize modern Python 3 asynchronous featuresUnderstand the inner workings of content extraction toolsKnow how to integrate third-party applications and libraries into a Python projectGrasp how to harden Python web apps, making them less susceptible to spam and more secureSee Python's interoperability with other languages and software stacks

Author: Mark Vasilkov

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