Python Programming for Beginners: The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Python Programming (Computer Programming)

★★★ Buy the paperback version of this book, and get the Kindle eBook version included for FREE ★★★Are you interested in computer programming?Do you want something that is easy to get started and will give great results? Python is the thing you are looking for.When it comes to programming computers the novice tends to imagine a complex world that takes years to understand and become proficient in. It is true that this was once the case, but as computers have evolved, so has the programming tools.In this book, Python Programming for Beginners: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Python Programming, you will discover one of the simplest ways to begin programming, that offers you advice and up-to-date information on:Python basicsVariable typesLoops, number and stringsDictionary of termsFunctionsAnd lots more…If you ever thought that computer programming would be beyond you then think again. Python Programming for Beginners is suitable for those who have no previous experience and will have you programming quickly, without confusing you with jargon.If you have ever wanted to do some programming of your own, then this is the perfect place to begin, so get started today!Scroll up and get your copy now!Tags: Solution, Problem One, Similar Problem

Author: Bruce Berke

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