Python Programming Language: Complete Guide for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced:  7 Days Crash Course

"The book really teaches Python and programming and goes to the point. This is a great book and I continually use it as a reference manual." (Amazon reviewer) This Python book is designed for those who: -wants to be a Python expert in lesser time. -thinks mastering Python is either tough or boring.-doesn't want to experiment with his time or money This book is purposefully equipped with: • The kickstart guide and tools.• The codes and exercises for a stronger foundation.• The secret tips of Python coders. (not available elsewhere) Now lets understand why programming looks so difficult to many people • First of all these languages are taught in a way that make them harder to understand.• Now even if understood, they remain harder to remember.• Even worse, the application of concepts is underestimated. Now, for those who are still indecisive about Python (or even this book). Remember that this book: • Has a 7 days crash course where each day you will progress from a beginner level to an advanced user.• Each topic comes with practical (not theoretical) exercises, sample (originally written) codes and expert (pro tips) advices • Has all the updates of the year 2019 so you won’t be missing out on any essential information. So, if you are willing to learn from the experts? or save yourself from frustration and out-of-date advices? or just want to reduce the long learning hours? Then simply click the BUY button and get started.

Author: David Rones

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