Python Programming: Learn Python Today! – Coding & Programming For Beginners (Java, Html, C++, Adwords, Programming C, PHP, Website Design) (Volume 1)

Make a Great Living as a Python Programmer! Is Python a good choice for novice programmers? Is it worth learning Python? Is Python for you? Yes! In this Expanded 2nd Edition of Python Programming: Learn Python Today! - Coding & Programming for Beginners, you’ll discover how easy it is to use this popular and versatile language. Named after Monty Python, this software is used for everything from testing microchips to powering major websites and video games. The syntax of this language is easy-to-understand and it also features a large standard library. Even better, this well-established computer language is easy-to-read and contains the special PEP 8 software development assistant! In this book, you’ll discover many aspects of Python: How to Configure Windows 10 for Python Creating and Running Programs Keywords, Variables, and Data Types Calling Functions, Classes, and Objects Modules and Packages The MySQL Database Tables and Retrieving DataThe Dictionary Cursor Headers, Statements, and Images Transaction Support and so much more! You’ll even discover the Python Triple Ts for penetration testing! You’ll be so glad you gained this game-changing knowledge!

Author: Mark Adams

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