Python: Python For Beginners, Learn Python Fast! Learn Python Programming in 8 Hours, Learn Python in Easy Steps: A Beginner’s Guide

“Python in 8 Hours” is a useful book for beginners. You can learn complete primary knowledge of Python fast and easily. The straightforward definitions, the plain and simple examples, the elaborate explanations and the neat and beautiful layout feature this helpful and educative book. You will be impressed by the new distinctive composing style. Reading this book is a great enjoyment! You can master all essential Python skill quickly.Table of ContentsHour 1 Start PythonHour 2 StatementHour 3 FunctionHour 4 Data StructuresHour 5 StringsHour 6 Input & OutputHour 7 Module & ExceptionHour 8 Class & ObjectAppendix1 Python Review ChartsAppendix2 Python Tests & Answers Tests AnswersSource Code for Download

Author: Ray Yao

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