Python Robotics Projects: Build smart and collaborative robots

Leverage the power of python to build DIY robotic projectsKey FeaturesDesign, build, and Stimulate collaborative robots.Build exciting robotics projects like personal Jarivis.Leveraging the power of Python and ROS for DIY robotic projectsBook DescriptionRobotics technology is one of the fastest growing industry. Multiple surveys state that investment has increased to as good as 10 times, in last 6 years and is set to become a $100 billion sector by 2020. Robots are being omnipresent in all industries and they are all set to be a part of our home.We will start with installing and basic steps towards configuring the robotic controller. We will then move towards setting up your environment for using Python on the robotic controller. Then we will deep dive into building simple robotics projects such as a pet feeding robot to complicated projects like teleporting robots and building an AI-enabled Home Automation (Jarvis) & Self Driven Robotic vehicle using Python. Towards the end of this book, we will cover building some GUI based applications using Python.By the end of this book, you will be in a position to build smart robots using Python.What you will learnBasics of robotics and its functions.Interface components with microcontrollers.Integrating robot with IoT environment.Build projects using machine learning and artificial intelligence.Implement path planning and vision processing.Who This Book Is ForIf building robots are your dream then this can be the perfect start for you. Whether you are a student or a stakeholder having an interest in robotics, anyone can start with this book and make their own robots.Prior knowledge of Python is mandatory.About the AuthorDiwakar Vaish is a robotics Scientist and inventor of Manav (India’s first indigenous humanoid Robot), World’s first brain sensing wheelchair, Brain Cloning and the World’s cheapest Ventilator. He has also been a guest lecturer to over 13 IIT’s and various other institutions. He is the founder of A-SET Robotics a leading Robotics research company based in New Delhi.

Author: Diwakar Vaish

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